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Discover the best jigsaw power tools

Jigsaws are everything about refinement. Getting more power behaves however as a tool generally utilized for making rounded and scribed cuts you desire a tool that makes it simple get a clean cut and to follow that scribe line.

Easy to change tools that offer good view and have solid features will certainly victory the day right here. Real to form in jigsaws Bosch put everything together with excellent handling, best in class strength and performance and a wide array of useful features and ergonomics.


Being the very first to create the Jigsaw to promote it is not a surprise that Bosch carried out so well. With well considered well engineered accessories features, dual LED lights, excellent blade tracking, a swivel cord, and solid performance that is both accurate and fast it’s difficult to overcome this tool.


The DEWALT provided a good showing turning up 2nd in screening with some features, and well thought out a strong motor and features, however does not have a few of the refinement of Festool or the Bosch, like LED lighting, and dust collection. However it is a great saw for the cash. If you’re do not wish to spend a lot and looking for a saw that is well performing DEWALT is just a great way to go.


The Festool is little and light making it simple to utilize however we discovered it only a little without energy. The absence of an adjustable base within the stock kit implies a heavy cash outlay for that accessory kit to obtain basic jigsaw functionality. Nevertheless, when you’ve the accessory kit the Festool enables you to do things you just cannot finish with other jigsaws. And obviously manufacture and the German engineering produce excellent fit and surface. If you desire the very best of some really unique accessories and the best get Festool.


The Makita includes a great deal of nice features however isn’t really a standout in any classification. The generous rubber over mold produces a nice grip however the angle of the deal with felt off for some customers. The Allen key bevel change makes this device a bit harder to change than the competitors. However at just $30 bucks greater than the DEWALT it is still a solid saw and a great option. If you want LED lighting and do not make a great deal of baseplate adjustments the Makita is a great choice.


The Milwaukee remains a decent saw however simply does not shine enough in any location to make it impressive. Nevertheless with a 5 year guarantee, strong advanced jigsaw efficiency and functions LED light, fan, continuous edge speed circuitry, and at $100 less than our leading choice, you cannot fail with this tool.

Whether it is a professional carpenter, or a DIY lover, choosing the best jigsaw is always an important thing. Be handy, is the ultimate pursuit of every wood cutting lover.

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