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Why We Like Dish Network in Florida

You probably think that Florida is all urbanized. That is not true. We live in a small community in the northern part of Florida that does not have natural gas line service, and we have well water. We have both palm trees and deciduous trees you would see up north where I used to live. I have one tree in my yard that is so big around that arm to arm it would take four people to reach around it. For our entertainment we picked Dish network in Florida. We were not too fond of the cable company that serves our area. And even though we have the annual heavy rain storms and occasional hurricane, we do not have any problems with our satellite TV.

Here is the thing about satellite TV. If the weather is bad enough for you to lose signal on your small dish, the cable company subscribers will likely be out of service too. Cable gets its television signals from satellite feeds. The only time you would have cable signal and not satellite is if the weather where the cable office is at is clear while the storm is raging over your house. I remember one time we lost satellite signal. It was about five seconds before the power went out, so it did not matter. When the power came back on, the satellite TV was working fine again. I had never seen a downpour with thunder and lightning like that before in my life.

I hear the ads on TV and it is not like that. We watch our Dish network in Florida if it is rainy, windy or whatever. The DVR itself makes it worth having. I like being able to record more than two shows at one time. I like that the DVR can record enough movies and TV shows to watch for months at a time. I like the on-screen guide too. It is much more interactive than the one the cable company has. All in all, this was a great choice for our home TV service.

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